Community Mental Health Resources for Autistic Youth

The ASAP Lab graduate students have put together a set of resource packages each covering a different aspect of mental health and wellbeing among autistic youth. Caregivers of autistic young people may find benefit in looking through each package’s background information, community services lists, and online resource recommendations. Click the links below to access a downloadable PDF version of each package!

Autism and Anxiety Resource Package

To learn more about how anxiety presents in autistic individuals and what you can do to manage symptoms of anxiety, check out our resource package on autism and anxiety.

Autism and Trauma Resource Package

Better understand the types of trauma experienced by autistic individuals and learn about evidence-based treatments for trauma by reading over our resource package on autism and trauma.

Autism and Suicide/Non-Suicidal Self Injury Resource Package

Autistic individuals are more likely to experience suicide and to engage in non-suicidal self injury (NSSI); gain tools to keep yourself or loved ones safe through our resource package on autism and suicide/NSSI

Autism and Transition to Adulthood Resource Package

Transitional periods or new stages of life can be particularly difficult for autistic youth. This resource package on transitioning to adulthood provides several guides, tips, and strategies for easing into these difficult transitions.