Autism Evidence ASAP: An ASAP Lab Talk Series

One of the ASAP Lab’s primary goals is to ensure our research is disseminated among the broader autism community in British Columbia and beyond. With this aim in mind, the ASAP Lab is starting a talk series! Autism Evidence ASAP will unpack timely and cutting-edge findings from research focused on the mental health of autistic individuals.

If you have ideas or requests for possible topics to cover, you can email us at with your suggestions! You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on upcoming Autism Evidence ASAP events here.

Upcoming session

We’re thrilled to share that our next community talk is set for February 6th at 10:30AM! In this session, “Pathways to Social Wellbeing in Autistic People,” we will discuss the latest research findings on the role of social cognition (e.g., perspective taking abilities) in social well-being and mental health of autistic people.

Who Should Attend?

  • Autistic Individuals: Empower yourself with knowledge to navigate your journey and improve your wellbeing.
  • Clinicians: Enhance your assessments and treatment strategies with the latest research insights.
  • Parents and Service Proivider: Gain a deeper understanding to provide support to autistic individuals.
  • Friends and Allies: Learn more about how to best support your loved ones.

Interested? Click here to RSVP for the event and receive the Zoom link one day before the event.

Watch Our Past Autism Evidence ASAP Sessions!

Session 1:

  • Title: Recognizing Anxiety and Stress in Children on the Spectrum
  • Presenter: ASAP Lab Director, Dr. Kerns
  • Recording: Watch here

Session 2:

  • Title: Mental Health Resources for Autistic Individuals
  • Presenters: ASAP Lab Director Dr. Kerns and graduate students Elise Ng-Cordell, Charlotte Stewardson, Michelle Hunsche, and Victoria Wardell
  • Recording: Temporarily unavailable

Session 3:

  • Title: Understanding Adult Autism Diagnosis
  • Presenter: Charlotte Stewardson
  • Recording: Watch here

Session 4:

  • Title: Pathways to Social Wellbeing in Autistic People
  • Presenter: Michelle Hunsche
  • Recording: Watch here

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